Qantas Valet Parking: More Than Just Parking


Tired of the airport parking hassle? You know, circling the car park, hoping that you'll find an empty spot before the check-in counter closes. We’re probably all familiar with it now. But if you’re flying out of Melbourne aboard the flying kangaroo, there’s an easy way to avoid all that hassle: Qantas Valet Parking.

Ideal for those looking for the ultimate convenience, our Qantas Valet service makes airport parking so simple and a lot more convenient. All you need to do is drive up, leave your keys, and our professional valet staff will take care of the rest. Plus, you get to enjoy perks like competitive rates, car cleaning services, and the chance to earn Qantas points.

So, if you want to kick off your journey on a high note, here’s what you need to know about Qantas Valet Parking at Melbourne Airport.

Why Qantas Valet Parking is the Ultimate Pre-Flight Luxury

Melbourne Airport Qantas Valet Parking Service is more than just parking - it’s the ultimate pre-flight luxury. Here’s why:

  • Prime Location: Located just at the arrivals level (ground floor) of the Qantas domestic terminal, the Qantas Valet Car Park offers direct terminal access. No need for shuttle bus rides or long walks across the car park.
  • Dedicated Check-in: Forget about long queues at the check-in counters. You’re getting the full VIP treatment with a check-in counter just for Qantas Valet customers.
  • Hassle-Free Experience: Just show up, hand over your keys to the valet staff at the valet car park, and head straight to your flight.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Whether you're flying out early or landing late, our customer service team is always ready to assist.
  • Additional Services and Perks: If you fancy returning to a sparkling clean car, we’ve got you covered with car wash options, too. You might even discover perks like Qantas Points, depending on your membership status and current promotions.
  • Flexibility at Its Best: With no need for advance booking and services running from 5 AM to 1 AM, Qantas Valet Parking caters to a wide array of travel schedules.

Using Our Qantas Valet Parking Service

Ready to reward yourself with the most luxurious airport parking experience? Here’s how you can use our Qantas Valet Parking Service:

How it Works

The best part about Qantas Valet Parking at Melbourne Airport is that you don’t need to book ahead. Whether you forgot to book ahead or are embarking on a spontaneous travel adventure, you don’t need to worry about pre-booking hassles.

On the day of travel, you simply drive to the Valet Car Park located on the ground floor at the arrivals level of Terminal 1. Once there, a friendly valet staff member will greet you. Just hand over your car keys, and they'll do the parking for you. From there, you can walk directly to the check-in counters (which are just a few steps away).

Plus, if you fancy returning to a car that’s cleaner than when you left it, car cleaning services are available. When you return, your car will be ready and waiting, ready to get you home as smoothly as you left. Just swing by the valet office, where the team will help you with everything you need to get going.

Operating Hours

Our Qantas Valet service is available from 5 AM to 1 AM. That’s a pretty wide window, covering most flight times, whether you’re an early bird catching that first light flight out of Australia or a night owl on the red-eye.

But even outside those valet hours, if you find yourself needing a bit of help or have a question, there's no need to fret. Our customer support team is at your beck and call 24/7. If your flight lands in the wee hours and you're wondering about your car, or you just have a query, they're just a press of a button away.

Parking Rates

Whether you’re visiting the airport for a quick drop-off or going off on an extended adventure, we’re offering flexible parking rates that are just right for your needs. We have hourly rates for short-term parking and a flat daily rate of $88 for long-term parking.

But, when you're racing against the clock to catch a flight, the last thing you want is to be circling the parking lot in desperation. So, while it might be a little on the pricey side, think about what you’re getting in return - speed, simplicity, and peace of mind.

Besides, let's be real: missing your flight because you were out hunting for a cheaper spot miles away? That could end up costing you way more in the long run, not just in cash but in hassle and lost time.

Do I Need to be a Qantas Frequent Flyer Member to Use the Qantas Valet service?

No, you don't need to be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member to enjoy the perks of Qantas Valet Parking at Melbourne Airport. This service is open to everyone, regardless of your frequent flyer status. And while it’s ideal for Qantas passengers, our Qantas Valet service is also open to passengers of Virgin, Jetstar, or any other Australian or international carrier.

Other Melbourne Airport Parking Options

Aside from Qantas Valet service, we also have plenty of other airport parking options catering to various needs and budgets:

  • Value Parking: Looking for a budget-friendly spot that doesn't skimp on convenience? This is your spot. With affordable rates and a free shuttle service to the terminals, it's both easy on the wallet and super convenient.
  • Terminal Parking: Just steps from the terminals, this parking option is all about making life easier. It’s perfect for quick domestic trips or picking up friends and the first 15 minutes are on the house.
  • Premium Parking: Want to make your trip to the terminal as quick as possible? These spots are strategically placed, so you're only a short stroll from check-in. Perfect for travellers who prioritise time and ease.
  • Business Parking: Tailored for the business traveller, especially if you're flying Qantas. It’s right across from Terminal 1 and offers the fastest access for those tight on time.
  • Premium Valet Parking: If you’re flying from Terminal 1, 2, or 3, just drop your car off at a designated spot, and we'll handle everything else. It’s ideal for those who love a bit of pampering and convenience.

Start Your Journey in Style at Tullamarine

Qantas Valet Parking at Melbourne Airport is not just for the high-flyers or the frequent flyers - it's for anyone looking to kick off their journey with ease and style. So, next time you're heading out of Tullamarine, consider giving yourself the gift of convenience with Qantas Valet Parking. It’s a small luxury that elevates your travel experience from good to unforgettable.