Rideshare Pick-up

Rideshare drivers Pick-up passengers from two locations:

  • Terminals 1,2 & 3 – Lane 3 of the forecourt​
  • Terminal 4 - Level 2, inside the Terminal 4 Car Park​​

Rideshare drop off

Rideshare passengers can be dropped off at:​

  • Public drop off areas along Departure Drive​
  • Terminal 4 – Transport Hub on Level 1 of the Terminal 4 Car Park​

​*Rideshare trips have an access fee of $4.82 (including GST).​​

Ready to hit the road?

Here’s how to ensure you’re hopping into the right Rideshare vehicle:

Head towards the designated rideshare pick up zone. Before approaching, make sure the licence plate and driver photo exactly match the car and driver in front of you. If you have a PIN, confirm your PIN with the driver before entering the vehicle. Once you’ve verified everything, now’s the time to load your luggage safely.

Some additional tips

  • Do not accept a ride from anyone offering rideshare services inside or outside the airport terminals.
  • Do not share your PIN with anyone else.
  • Never enter a different vehicle than the one assigned in your app.
  • If you have any concerns, please contact the Rideshare operator directly.