Airside driver access


Any company or individual wishing to operate airside is required to be authorised by Melbourne Airport and be subject to the Airside Conditions of Use.

The Airside Vehicle Control Handbook outlines Melbourne Airport's policy regarding the operation of vehicles to ensure the safety of all people on the airside, the safe and orderly movement of traffic and the protection of aircraft.

Access Licence for Airside Operator (ALAO) Application

An ALAO is required for any business wishing to operate and register a vehicle for airside use, and where staff members are required to obtain their Airside Drivers Authority (ADA) for the purpose of driving a vehicle airside.

To be eligible for an ALAO the company applying must ensure that their certificate of currency satisfies the following conditions:

  • Have a genuine business need to access airside
  • Be supported by an on-airport company (support letter to be provided)
  • Provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance of minimum AUD $50,000,000.
  • Provide evidence of Vehicle Insurance for AUD $30,000,000.
  • Must not have any airside exclusions

Note: The certificate of currency must mention Melbourne Airport as additionally insured.

ALAO applications are completed through AIRDAT ONBOARD. To register click here

Vehicle Permits - Authority to Use Airside (AUA)

Prior to applying for a an AUA, businesses must ensure that their ALAO has been approved.

All vehicles/equipment requiring access to the airside of Melbourne Airport must have a valid permit.

There are two types of AUA permits:

  • Permanent (valid for 2 year)
  • Temporary (1-30 days)

Once issued, AUA permits must be clearly displayed on vehicles.

To apply for an AUA, click here to access AIRDAT ONBOARD.

Airside Driver Authority (ADA)

To be eligible for an ADA, individuals must have a genuine business need to access airside. Applicants must be able to provide the following information to Melbourne Airport upon request:

  • What their duties will be on airside
  • Who the work is for
  • How often they will drive airside
  • Which locations on airside they will require access to

This information is required to assist Melbourne Airport in determining if there is a valid need to hold an ADA licence (as is required by legislation).

ADA Course Bookings

ADA courses are conducted at Melbourne Airport Building 219 and can be booked through AIRDAT PASSPORT.

Types of licences include:

  • ADA P (Perimeter Road access only) 
  • ADA Level 2 (apron access)
  • ADA Level 3 (apron, taxiway access)

Note: If you require additional access such as a Maintenance (M), Escort (E) or Perimeter (P) endorsement, please contact us at Learning and Development prior to enrolling in a course.

Course Materials

The following documents are pre-reading material for ADA courses. Please ensure that you have read the relevant handbook for your course (i.e. level 2) prior to arrival. If unsure of your ADA level, please contact your organisation.

Pre-reading materials:

For further information on applying for an ADA licence, please contact us at Learning and Development.

Off-Airport Agencies (i.e. labour hire staff)

If you are employed by an ‘off-airport’ agency, you will be required to provide a support letter from your contracting organisation that validates your request for an ADA. ‘Off-airport’ agency requests must be pre-approved by Melbourne Airport prior to ADA class enrolment.

Expired Licences and Special Consideration

Extension requests may be considered to access online learning renewal modules. Please contact us at Airdat Support for further details.