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Stepping Forward Program

Stepping Forward is our Traveller Experience Program that is made up of 7 Commitments to remind each of us that who we are being is equally important as to what we are actually doing.

Below is a visual representation of the 7 commitments and how they are linked to our head and our heart:

Our roles at Melbourne Airport have become far more critical than ever before so if you can create an environment that feels less like an emergency department of a hospital and feels more like an environment that is designed to calm, relax, and inspire then you have done your job.

Below is a visual representation of the key traveller touch points that you roles need to consider as these are key points where you will be engaging with your travellers and customer.

Regardless of your role and who your customers or travellers are your real work is to make people feel seen, heard and feel like they are the most important person in that moment. This is what the Stepping Forward Program is all about!

As part of the Stepping Forward Program ‘stars’ of the Stepping Forward Program are awarded with a Star Pin based on nominations by their manager. The criteria for the star pins is as follows:

1. The Stepping Forward moment must be considered well beyond what would be expected in the person’s role; and

2. The Stepping Forward moment must have absolutely delighted the traveller (proof from traveller is good, but not mandatory) and

3. The recipient must continually reflect a Stepping Forward attitude, i.e. the Stepping Forward DNA is embedded in the person’s work ethic.

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