How to Get the Best Melbourne Airport Parking Deals

Explore the best onsite parking options

Looking for the best Melbourne Airport parking deals? You're in the right spot. We're here to guide you through getting top-notch onsite parking options at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport without breaking the bank.

From valet service to long-term parking, we’re divulging the secrets to making your next trip cost-effective. Whether you're flying Qantas from Terminal 1 or Jetstar from Terminal 4, find out how to save on parking and enjoy more of your journey. Let's make airport parking the easiest part of your travel plans.

Comparing Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

Melbourne Airport offers a variety of parking options to fit every traveller's needs and budget. Before delving into parking deals and discounts, let’s first take a quick look at the different parking rates within the airport to help you decide the best spot for your car.

Parking OptionLocationAccess to TerminalsCost
Value Car ParkOn-site with shuttle bus service 24/7Free shuttle every 15 minutesStarts at $12 per day
Terminal Car ParksDirectly opposite Terminals 1-4Minutes' walkStarts at $49 per day
Valet ParkingLevel 2, Terminals 1, 2 & 3 Car ParkWe park for you, minutes' walkStarts from $79 per day
Premium ParkingLevel 2, T1,2,3 & Level 1, T4 Car ParkMinutes' walkStarts at $79 per day
Business ParkingDirectly opposite Terminal 150m walkStarts at $79 per day
Qantas Valet ParkingGround Floor, Qantas Domestic TerminalDirect access to Terminal 1Drive up rates
Parking Option
Value Car ParkOn-site with shuttle bus service 24/7
Terminal Car ParksDirectly opposite Terminals 1-4
Valet ParkingLevel 2, Terminals 1, 2 & 3 Car Park
Premium ParkingLevel 2, T1,2,3 & Level 1, T4 Car Park
Business ParkingDirectly opposite Terminal 1
Qantas Valet ParkingGround Floor, Qantas Domestic Terminal

The Secrets to Getting the Best Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

Finding a great deal on Melbourne Airport parking is easier than you might think. Here's how you can get the best rates and make your travel more budget-friendly:

1. Subscribe to Melbourne Airport’s Newsletter

Get the inside scoop. Subscribing to Melbourne Airport's Parking Deals newsletter is your ticket to exclusive deals. Not only will you receive updates on general offers, but you'll also get alerts about limited-time discounts (usually open to book for only two days but with a lot of dates to come and park!). You’ll never find this anywhere else, so go ahead and hit that subscribe button now.

2. Keep an Eye Out for Personalised Discount Codes

Aside from limited-time discounts, we also offer personalised discount codes for subscribers to our Parking Deals newsletter. These one-time use codes are matched to your email and name, allowing you to save big and secure exclusive discounts tailored just for you.

3. Book Online For the Best Rates

Plan ahead. Booking online is not only convenient but often comes with a discount. Aside from comparing parking rates and options, our online booking platform shows that it’s cheaper to book online than to use drive-up rates.

The booking process is pretty straightforward. Just go to the Melbourne Airport website, choose your preferred parking option, enter your entry and exit dates and times, choose your nearest terminal, and then pay for your booking.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about booking fees or credit card fees. You can even cancel or change your booking for FREE up to 2 hours prior to arrival. You won’t find a better deal than that!

4. Consider Long-Term Parking

If you're going away for more than a few days, our long-term Value Parking option can be a cost-effective choice. Daily long-term rates are significantly lower than short-term parking rates, which usually charge by the hour. 

5. Sign up for Our Corporate Program

Travelling for business? Melbourne Airport's corporate parking program offers tailored solutions for businesses. Enjoy up to 15% discount on drive-up rates, easy invoicing, and a streamlined booking process, making business travel smoother and more affordable.

6. Opt for our Value Parking Option

Our Value Car Park offers competitive rates without compromising convenience. With the free shuttle service to the airport terminals, it's an excellent choice for budget-conscious travellers looking for reliable and low-cost parking. 

Why It’s More Practical to Park Within Melbourne Airport

More than just convenience and budget-friendly rates, parking within Melbourne Airport is a practical choice for any traveller. Here’s why:

  • Easy Access to Terminals: Parking onsite means you're just minutes away from the terminals. No more worrying about missing your check-in or rushing through airport terminals. Even outdoor parking options have free shuttle bus services that run every 15 minutes from the car park to the terminals.
  • Variety of Options: Whether you need short-term parking for a quick drop-off/pick-up or long-term parking for an extended trip, we’ve got you covered. There are even valet parking and business parking services for those looking for a premium, excellent service.
  • No Off-Airport Hassles: Avoid the unpredictability of off-airport parking. There's no need to navigate through traffic to find your offsite lot or deal with the uncertainty of off-airport shuttle schedules. Onsite parking cuts out these stressors completely.

Lock in the Best Parking Deals at Melbourne Airport Today

Keen to kick off your travel with ease? Book your Melbourne Airport parking space online today and lock in the best rates. With a variety of parking options and the convenience of being close to the airport terminals, it's the smart traveller's choice. Get your parking sorted today so you can focus on the more exciting parts of your trip!