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    Hidden Disability Program

    An airport can be a stressful experience, especially when travelling on an international flight. It is even more stressful when you or someone you are travelling with has a disability which is not immediately apparent to airport staff – a Hidden Disability which can include autism, anxiety issues, mental health conditions, dementia, visual impairments  deaf or hard of hearing.

    Melbourne airport has recently implemented the Hidden Disability Program for it’s International Terminal to assist you on your journey through our International Airport.  This program supports travellers requiring special assistance as they travel through our airport.

    Hidden Disability Program

    The Hidden Disability Program consists of:

    • A lanyard to wear through the airport from check in to departure to allow airport staff  to recognise that you may require additional assistance throughout the journey.
    • Sensory Map - This identifies high sensory and low sensory areas to help you navigate through the terminal. This can help you prepare for additional noise, crowded areas and identify areas where you can stop in a quieter area if required.
    • Social Stories - Illustrating both our international departures and international arrivals processes in an easy to understand and pictorial format.
    • Staff training - Our Melbourne Airport staff will all be trained in the Hidden Disability Program to ensure that additional care and consideration is provided during your time through our airport and ensures staff are able to assist in your journey. Whether that be guiding you through each step, providing you information or slowing down a process in the customer journey for you, we are here to ensure your mental and emotional health is looked after.

    Sensory Map
    T2 Departures
    T2 Arrivals

    Social Stories
    International Departures social story
    International Arrivals social story

    Lanyard Program
    If you are travelling through our airport in the future and require additional support, you may contact us to request a Hidden Disability lanyard which will identify you to our staff. To request a lanyard as part of the Program please contact us here.

    Please note that Melbourne Airport/APAM reserves its right, at any time, to request evidence and/or supporting documentation (in any form reasonably required by APAM) as a pre-condition to providing a passenger with a lanyard, and/or providing access to the disability priority areas associated with the Hidden Disability Program.

    Contact Us
    If you have any queries regarding the above please contact us here

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    Thank you to the businesses who assisted with our program development:

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