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Travelling through an airport can be a stressful experience. It can be even more stressful when you or someone you are travelling with has a disability need which is not immediately apparent to airport staff.

Not all disability needs are visible, in fact, many of us have non-visible impairments or conditions. In some cases, individuals may experience both visible and non-visible impairments. Therefore, the relevance and importance of this program becomes apparent.

To ensure a seamless and stress-free experience, Melbourne Airport has implemented the Hidden Disability Program for its International and Domestic Terminals.

Hidden Disability Program at Melbourne Airport

The Hidden Disability Program provides travellers who require additional assistance with the support and resources they may need for a pleasant travelling experience. To assist staff identify those who may need additional assistance, a sunflower lanyard will be worn by travellers who voluntarily request one. This discreet lanyard can be worn throughout the entire airport precinct, including international and domestic terminals.

Staff training

Staff at Melbourne Airport are trained on how the Hidden Disability Program functions to ensure that the additional care and consideration you may require at the airport is provided. Whether it is guiding you through each step of air travel, providing you with additional information or assisting you through a partial process, we are here to ensure you are looked after.

How to collect a Hidden Disability Lanyard

Lanyards are available for collection either before your departure date and/or on the day of departure.
Lanyards can be collected from our Integrated Operations Office located on Level 2 at Terminal 2, this office is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. To locate this office please find instructions below

  1. Make your way to Terminal 2 check–in area,
  2. Locate the lifts between McDonald’s and WHSmith,
  3. Take the lift to level 2,
  4. Once you exit the lift, turn right
  5. The first office on the right with the unmarked glass door is the Integrated Operations Office
  6. You will find a buzzer on the wall, please press the buzzer for 2 seconds, and advise you are there to collect a Hidden Disability Lanyard

 Sensory Maps and Social Stories

To help you navigate through our International terminal, we have put together a sensory map which identifies high, medium and low sensory areas. The maps can help you prepare for the expected additional sensory experiences in that location. Such as, smells, sights and crowded areas. It can also help you identify any quieter areas.

T2 Departures

T2 Arrivals

Social Stories

Social Stories are stories developed to assist passengers by helping them understand international departure and arrival processes in pictorial format

International Departures social story

International Arrivals social story